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Files are currently advertised as being sterilizable for repeated use.
NB: The nature of particle entrapment within the grit makes the practice of using recycled files among different patients discretionary.
We advise always to sterilize the files in an autoclave with a cycle B “prion”. This is in compliance with the EU standard EN13060.
For Orthofile strips, Proxocare and diamond burs. No G5-ProLign strips.

Programme table:      
Sterilization Cycles B Standard 134 B Prion 134 B Standard 121
Temperature 135.5º C 135.5º C 122.5º C
Pressure 2.16 bar 2.16 bar 1.14 bar
Duration of the plateau 4’ 18’ 15’
Duration of the drying phase 15’ 15’ 20’
Total duration: MB 17 30’- 40’ 44’- 54’ 50’- 60’


Stery tray

Stery tray

Reference: 1993
Sterilizable: yes