Dynamic research, development and renewal program

The headquarter of Swissdentacare SA is located in Bioggio, close to the Italian-Swiss border. This is no coincidence, for Ticino has long been characterized by its technical and economic dynamism.

Swissdentaca SA is part of this innovation dynamic in the southern part of Switzerland, with the origins of the company going back to the local tradition of high-quality crafts. As a company from Southern Switzerland, Swissdentacare SA more than ever before blends well-known Swiss quality with creativity in developing new products.


In order not only to meet cross-border requirements and challenges but, time and again, to confirm ourselves as innovators and leaders, we closely work with universities and colleges all over Europe. Most valuable to us is however a continuous exchange of ideas and experiences with practicing dentists. The insights they glean from their work help Swissdentacare SA seek and find innovative solutions and market pioneering products.

For this reason, we conduct a dynamic research, development, and renewal programme actively supported by all our staff members. It's principal core consisting of internal company experts and key opinion leaders with their practical experiences as well as recommendations, for possible improvements, are continually integrated by Swissdentacare SA.


The products of Swissdentaca SA are endorsed by clinicals studies done at university level and thus in Switzerland, Spain, Italy, and Germany. This cooperation with universities is a tradition with us, as well as part of our strategy for the future.

The newly designed main catalogue presents the extensive range of Swissdentacare SA products in a clear and synoptic manner as well as our most recent innovations. Swiss quality and precision craftsmanship characterizes every single one of these products.


The best example of this is a high-quality graining made of natural diamonds as well as a first-class galvanic conditioning that, together, results in a diamondization allowing quite extraordinary application and treatment results. The objective of this improved product range is to provide a suitable high-quality product for every aplication, while a minimally invasive treatment always remains a priority.


Swissdentacare SA